SUNDAY 24th JUNE 12-3pm.


At Kitty’s, as in life, there are those of us that love football, and those that don’t. Those that do will probably be watching England vs. Panama at 1pm on the 24th…hopefully in Ye Grapes pub, next to us in Shepherd Market...


But for those that don’t, there’s always lunch (and also for those wanting post-match sustenance..)


So…this enormous cup...






Which as you can see is not the World Cup but is an expert at holding PUNCH, will be pride of place on our bar, waiting to refresh you before we serve our wonderful British beef, with summery starters and equally delightful puddings. As usual, we’ll be opening some serious Rioja to go with the beef.


If you have a father who isn’t interested in Father’s Day (but loves beef), a wife who loves football, a son who loves his wife and a pint AND football, OR IF YOU JUST WANT TO ESCAPE THEM ALL, get to Shepherd Market next Sunday: there’s something for everyone... 


For tickets, which are £50 p/p for 3 courses of the finest food and a glass of punch, please call 020 3302 1661 or email


Many thanks,


Kitty x